Create a mobile experience that sparks an emotional connection to the Astrodome, gather memories and launch awareness about a ballot measure to preserve the Astrodome for the next generation.


With the voting day approaching fast, we were able to quickly familiarize ourselves with the target outcome of the project along with the realization of just how short the turn time was to have the Dome Mobile ready to be unveiled to the public.

After arranging to see the rental 26-foot long box truck that would be transformed into the Dome Mobile, measurements and potential areas of concern were relayed back to the design team from The National Trust for Historic Preservation for minor adjustments to their original concept drawings.

With final graphics approved and ready to go, we were able to help with the campaign’s social media campaign by sending update pictures every hour showing the progression of production and install.

The Dome Mobile was then taken to the Astrodome for some quick photos and to be fitted with real astroturf from the stadium before making it’s way to be unveiled that same day. At the completion of the tour, we also removed the exterior graphics and carefully dismantled the signature wall from inside… which the Houston Public Library now keeps in their archives for future display use.